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Wolltraum yarn is a 50% cotton, 50% acrylic mix. This gorgeous yarn is made by winding several threads together so it is plied rather than spun. This means that 3-ply yarn has 3 threads and 5-ply has 5 threads. Colour changes are made by cutting one thread and using a very secure tiny knot (TK) that is easily hidden in your project. This allows for subtle (or not-so-subtle) colour changes to be made with beautiful affects.

This yarn is made to order. Processing time is 2-3 weeks. In stock items ship within 3 business days unless they are combined in an order with made to order yarn. Each product picture shows two cakes because you can have the yarn spun with a light centre or dark centre colour. You are purchasing one cake.


  • 3-Ply

    100g/500m - 3.5oz/547yd

    150g/750m - 5.3oz/820 yd

    200g/1000m - 7oz/1094yd

    250g/1250m - 8.8oz/1368yd

    300g/1500m - 10.58oz/1640yd

    500g/2500m - 17.60oz/2734yd

  • 4-Ply

    150g/570m - 5.3oz/620yd

    200g/760m - 7oz/831yd

    250g/950m - 8.8oz/1038yd

    300g/1140m - 10.58oz/1246yd

    500g/1900m - 17.60oz/2077yd

  • 5-Ply

    250g/750m - 8.8oz/820yd

    300g/900m - 10.58oz/984yd

    500g/1500m - 17.60oz/1640yd